Edwin G. Young, a General Contractor, was a business and civic leader in Rock Hill until his death in 1965. He was also a father who enjoyed boating with his family. When the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron was chartered in September 1963, Ed Young was a charter member.

In 1965, the Edwin G. Young Trophy was established by the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron in his memory. The trophy is awarded annually to the member of the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron who had the best score in the Predicted Log competition with the Charlotte Power Squadron.  The competion is conducted on Lake Wylie.
The past winners of this award are:
1965 John H. Marschal, JN
1966 Ray K. Gay, S
1957 John E. Hotchkiss, AP
1968 Leon P. Gilbert, AP
1969 John E. Peters, AP
1970 Andrew J. Cook, Jr, SN
1971 Charles R. Parson, JN
1972 Melvin L. Roberts, SN
1973 Jack B. Ford, JN
1974 No Competition
1975 Jack B. Ford, JN
1976 Melvin L. Roberts, SN
1977 Craig Cook
1978 Armando A. Ramirez, P
1979 Val Boise, S
1980 Val Boise, S
1981 Ned M. Albright, AP
1982 William F. Allison, JN
1983 James E. Huffman, AP
1984 H. Worth Parker, AP
1985 Armando A. Ramirez, P

1986 John W. Pick, AP
1987 Eugene L. Stutz, AP
1988 Eugene L. Stutz, AP
1989 Heinz W. Boden, AP
1990 William C. Wilson, JN
1991 H. Worth Parker, AP
1992 H. Worth Parker, AP
1993 Peggy L. Macauley-Jordan, P
1994 Peggy L. Macauley-Jordan, P
        Joseph W. Jordan, AP
1995 Joseph W. Jordan, AP
1996 Joseph W. Jordan, AP
1997 Peggy L. Macauley-Jordan, P
1998 Joseph W. Jordan, AP
1999 Karl R. Haemmerlein, AP
2000 Eugene L. Stutz, SN
2001 Karl R. Haemmerlein, AP
2002 No Competition (Low Water)
2003 Karl R. Haemmerlein, AP
2004 Gerald E. Murray, AP
2005 James R. Van Blarcom, AP

2006 H. Worth Parker
2007 No Competition (Low Water)
2008 Peggy L. Macauley-Jordan, P
2009 Russell J. Crompton, S
2010 * Eugene L. Stutz, SN
2011 Robert M. England, P
2012 No Competition
2013 Robert M. England, P
2014 Joseph W. Jordan, AP
2015 No Competition (Low Water)
2016 Ronald W. Fletcher, S
2017 Arthur W. Beers, JN
2018 Arthur W. Beers, JN
2019 Arthur W. Beers, JN
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