P/D/C Melvin L. Roberts, SN
P/C John Porter, Sr., SN
This award was originally named for P/C John Porter, Sr., who was a charter member of the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron. He was the Squadron's first Educational Officer and in 1968, he became the Squadron's fourth Commander. Under his leadership, our first class of JN was graduated in 1971. At the time of his death in 1974, he was the only member of the Squadron to achieve the coveted N grade, and he was the Squadron's first full certificate holder. The award was donated to the Squadron in 1974 in P/C Porter's memory.

In 2011, the Squadron renamed the trophy in honor of P/D/C Melvin L. Roberts. He was a founding member of the squadron and its ninth commander and later served as the District 27 Commander. He also served on several District 27 committees and was the Squadron Educational Officer for several years. He was a prominent attorney, civic leader and former mayor of York, SC. This award is presented annually by the Commander to the outstanding member of the squadron.
The past winners of this award are:
John Porter, Sr.
Memorial Award
Melvin L. Roberts Memorial Award
2011 Diane K. Woods, S
2012 * Eugene L. Stutz, SN
2013 Arthur W. Beers, AP
2014 Arthur W. Beers, AP
2015 Joseph P. Fazzari, AP
2016 Donna M. Fletcher, S
        Ronald W. Fletcher, S
2017 Barbara J. Beers, S
2018 Joseph P. Fazzari, JN-IN
2019 Robert M. England, P
1994 * William T. Christian, AP
1996 * Melvin L. Roberts, SN
1997 * Barbara A. Murphy, AP
1998 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP
1999 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP
2000 John J. Riedel, AP
2001 * Dieter W. Wuenche, P
2002 * George F. Leahy, AP
2003 James R. Van Blarcom, AP
2005 Leigh L. Van Blarcom, S
2006 Gerard A. Doyle, AP
2007 Johh H. Stevenson, AP
2008 Dennis W. L'Hommedieu, S
2009 Robert M. England, P
2010 Leigh L. Van Blarcom, S
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