The America's Boating Club of the Catawba burgee (or pennant) is more than just a flying “flag” on our members’ boats . . . it is a piece of history in itself, and one that we are proud to claim as our own.

The three stripes represent the tri-county area (York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties), along the South Carolina banks of the Catawba River, from which the club draws its membership, and which it serves in furthering the objectives of the America's Boating Club.

The red tepee symbolizes the Catawba Indians, whose tribal name the club has adopted, and who were the first explorers and settlers in the Catawba basin.  They were known as “ISSA,” which in the Catawba tongue means “people of the river.”

The blue anchor symbolizes that our primary interest is boating whether it is on a powerboat, a sailboat or some form of human powered craft.

The pennant was designed by world-renowned artist and illustrator, Vernon Grant, the creator of the Snap, Crackle and Pop cereal characters and was approved by the United States Power Squadrons on 13 September 1965.

In 2014 the burgee was modified by the inclusion of of the gold border signifying fifty years of service to the boaters of our area.
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