The award is presented annually to the member of the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron who contributed the most to the USPS Geodetic Marker Recovery Program.  The award was named for Past Commander Lewis F. Hicks, AP who won this award every year from 1992 through 2004.  In 1988 he was ranked as the top performer in the United States Power Squadrons for this category. This award was retired in 2009 as the National Geodetic Survey no longer accepted geodetic reports from USPS.  In 2015 the National Geodetic Survery and the United States Power Squadrons revived the Geodetic Marker Recover program.  The award was renamed to recognize Past Commander Eugene L. Stutz, SN for the efforts he made during 2015 to revive this program in the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron.  The first award was made at the 2016 Change of Watch and was given posthumously to "Gene" Stutz.
The past winners of this award are:
1992 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP 2007 * H. Worth Parker, AP
1993 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP 2008 * H. Worth Parker, AP
1994 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP 2009 - 2014 Award Retired
1995 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP 2015 * Eugene L. Stutz, SN
1996 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP 2016 Joseph P. Fazzari, JN-IN
1997 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP 2017 (Tie) Pam Morrell
1998 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP 2017 (Tie) Joseph W. Jordan, AP
1999 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP (Ranked #1 nationally) 2017 (Tie) Robert M. England, P
2000 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP
2001 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP
2002 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP
2003 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP
2004 * Lewis F. Hicks, AP
2005 * H. Worth Parker, AP
2006 * H. Worth Parker, AP
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