This award is given annually to the member of the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron who, in the opinion of the Commander, has been the most help to him during his term of office. 

The "Gold Brick" award was established by P/D/C Melvin L. Roberts, SN in 1973.
The past winners of this award are:
1973 * Jack B. Ford, JN
1974 Daniel L. Wilder, AP
1975 * Elwyn Case, SN
1976 * Elwyn Case, SN
1977 * T. Murray Mayfield, AP
1978 * James E. Huffman, AP
1979 Not awarded (Death of Commander)
1981 * Loy J. Little, P
1982 * William F. Allison, JN
1983 * James E. Huffman, AP
1984 * Robert L. Metcalf Jr., JN
1985 L. Douglas Jones, AP
1986 * William T. Christian, AP
1987 * William T. Christian, AP
1988 * Loy J. Little, P
1989 * Armando A. Ramirez, P
1990 * Elwyn Case, SN
1991 Joseph F. Murphy, AP
1992 * Janet M. Crawford, P
1993 Thomas E. Crawford, SN
1994 * William C. Wilson, JN
1995 * Barbara A. Murphy, AP
1996 * Barbara A. Murphy, AP
1997 * Fred G. Sleeman, AP
1998 Joseph W. (Will) Jordan, AP
1999 Joseph F. Murphy, AP
2000 Jack H. Gwynne, P
2001 * George F. Leahy, AP
2002 Jack H. Gwynne, P
2003 * George F. Leahy, AP
2004 Gerald E. Murray, AP
2005 * Barbara A. Murphy, AP
2006 John H. Stevenson, AP
2007 Mary Jo Barreto, S
2008 James R. Van Blarcom, AP
2009 John H. Stevenson, AP
2010 John H. Stevenson, AP
2011 Thurston D. Carroll, S
2012 Wendy A. Hope, S
2013 Joseph P. Fazzari, AP
2014 Joseph P. Fazzari, AP
2015 Arthur W. Beers, AP
2016 Arthur W. Beers, JN
2017 Marvin E. Bennett, AP
2018 Barbara J. Beers, P
2019 Donna M. Fletcher, S

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