Lt/C Janet M. Crawford, P was the Squadron Executive Officer in 1995. She was also a teacher whose students loved and respected her. Jan was an enthusiastic and energetic person whose "Thumbs Up" motto made the best of everything happen.

The Janet M. Crawford "Thumbs Up" Memorial Award is presented to the Squadron member who successfully completes the most advanced and elective educational courses in a calendar year.
The Janet M. Crawford Memorial Award was first presented at the 1997 Catawba Sail and Power Squadron Change of Watch for the calendar year 1996.
The past winners of this award are:
1996 Karl R. Haemmerlein, AP
1997 Bryan K. Anderson, AP
1998 * Fred G. Sleeman, AP
1999 Haward S. Awbrey, S
2000 George F. Persons, AP and *William C. Wilson, JN
2001 Edward S. Doran, P and Gerald E. Murray, AP
2003 Gerald E. Murray, AP
2003 Clifford A. Sprague, P
2005 Mary Jo Barreto, P, Richard Baretto, S and Ingo Ellerbrock, S
2006 John F. Klein, JN
2007 Robert M. England, P and James D. Kirkland, S
2008 Ned M. Albright, AP, Mary Jo Baretto, P and James D. Kirkland, P
2009 Jeremy K. Kempf, S
2010 No Award
2011 Jon Antonucci, P and Teresa Antonucci, P
2012 No Award
2013 Arthur W. Beers, AP, Joseph P. Fazzari, AP and Jan P. Hope, AP
2014 Marvin E. Bennett, AP and Arthur W. Beers, AP
2015 Joseph P. Fazzari, AP and Marvin E. Bennett, AP
2016 Jan P. Hope, JN
2017 Dennis Bass
2018 No Award
2019 Barbara J. Beers, AP, Ray Williams, S, Bart Kinzel, S
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