Boating education is one of the three sides of the America's Boating Club mission triangle.  The America's Boating Club of the Catawba conducts courses in boating and related maritime skills at five levels. 

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Basic boating safety and boat handling skills are taught in the USPS America’s Boating Course©, our entry level public boating course. 

America's Boating Club members (and the boating public) can follow up on the skills learned in the ABC Course by taking the progressively more technical Advanced Grade Courses of Boat Handling, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation and Navigation. 

A series of Elective Courses in such topics as Weather, Sailing, Engine Maintenance and Marine Electronics.  America's Boating Club offers an outstanding Instructor Development Course that is not limited to teaching boating or maritime courses.  The Instructor Development Course is open to the Public.

Additionally, America's Boating Club offers more than twenty shorter Seminar Courses covering topics ranging from Advanced Powerboat Handling to Using GPS, VHF radios and marine RADAR.

Finally, America's Boating Club offers a series of on-the-water training and Boat Operator Certification courses where members can be certified at various levels of recreational boating proficiency.

For more information on each of the five levels of courses click the images below.
ABC Course
Advanced Grade Courses
Elective Courses
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