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The Boat Operator Certification program recognizes the skills of USPS members at different levels of recreational boating proficiency. A certified boat operator will represent the fulfillment of a USPS training program: an operator who is knowledgeable, competent and safe. To achieve certification at a given level, a candidate must complete Advanced Grade courses, Elective courses and America's Boating Club Seminars relevant to that level. In addition, candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in a set of practical skill tests. BOC Certifiers are trained to conduct and evaluate these skill tests and provide coaching to members for skill development.
America's Boating Club currently has four levels of Boat Operator Certification:

Inland Navigator is the first level of the BOC program. The focus is on basic powerboat operation and general boating knowledge. The Basic Powerboat Handling skills are the same skills included in the POTW program.
Coastal Navigator is the second level of the BOC program. The focus is on coastal operation and coastal navigation. Inland Navigator certification is a prerequisite.
Advanced Coastal Navigator is the third level of the BOC program. The focus is on extended coastal operation and advanced coastal navigation. Coastal Navigator certification is a prerequisite.
Offshore Navigator is the highest level of the BOC program. The focus is on extended operation out of sight of land. Advanced Coastal Navigator certification is a prerequisite.
As with the On-the-Water training, America's Boating Club of the Catawba does not currently have the any members who have met the BOC Certifier criteria but we can refer members to other squadrons in the area.
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America's Boating Club offers three levels of on-the-water training to members and the recreational boating community. 
America's Boating Club of the Catawba offers the first level to students of our America's Boating Course and to members of our squadron.  Known as Jump Start, this program provides a framework for a squadron member to provide one-on-one training to a member or non-member student on the student's own boat. The student should be the owner of a new boat, or at least a boat new to them. The student should have some boating experience, but limited experience with a boat of the type for which the training will be conducted.
The content of the training is customized to fit the needs of the individual student. The goal is to help the new boat owner to develop essential skills for safe operation of their boat and to break through any barriers that may limit their boating enjoyment. The target time for the training is set at two hours. This provides a reasonable amount of time to teach a number of skills. It also sets a reasonable expectation for the student.  Additional session can be scheduled if necessary.
The Jump Start Program provides a personalized, high-quality training experience for the student. It also helps the student bond with the squadron and encourages participation in additional squadron training and activities. When offered to non-members, consider using this program as a recruiting tool. There is no charge for the program.

America's Boating Club's On-The-Water training is a more formal boating skills course.  On-the-Water certified instructors provide both classroom and actual boating skills training to both members and the public.  Members may take this course at no charge except for the cost of fuel used during the training.  Non-members pay fee for the training as U. S. Coast Guard licensed captains must be on board the boat during the on-the-water portion of this course.  The actual cost is determined by each squadron.  Currently, America's Boating Club of the Catawba does not have any certified instructors or Coast Guard licensed captains and does not offer this course.  However, we can refer students to other squadrons in the local area who do conduct the course.